At CleanWaterOps, we use our expertise as wastewater operators to create cost-effective plant designs. Our clients’ facilities not only produce cleaner water, they do so at reduced O&M expense.

We excel at applying science to wastewater treatment plant operations.

Operational Support
At locations all across North America, we provide on-site and remote support to treatment plant operators to make wastewater facilities work better. We specialize in sludge reduction and nutrient removal – ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Our designs maximize the use of existing equipment to minimize new construction. Our wastewater clients achieve the same level of treatment as conventional designs at one-tenth the cost; and, save money on operations because we incorporate low-oxygen treatment zones to reduce electrical consumption and minimize sludge production. Our designs provide cleaner water at lower cost, leading to a more sustainable solution.

In addition to our free webinars, we travel nationwide to provide operator training. For example, our two-day nutrient training program consists of one day of lectures and one-day of instructor-led class brainstorming. After one session in Helena, Montana, three participating treatment plants reduced their nitrogen discharges by over 50%.

O&M Services
We provide contracted operations services to municipal, commercial, and institutional clients in southern New England.